I love WordPress!

I love it's ease of use!

I hate WordPress!

I hate it's conformity!

Why does WordPress evoke these two opposite emotions in me?

Lots of other people make choices for me and for you, by creating Themes and Plugins!

Have I tapped into your pain, yet?  Why does every page have to look like it was produced with the same cookie cutter?  Most Theme developers don't make it easy to change very much. Sometimes, you just want to change "one little thing", but there is no place to do that.

Part of the solution is the choices you make at the very beginning.  These choices will help determine whether you end up In Love, or In Hate.

Another part of the solution is what you are able to do with these choices after they are made.  The learning curve for most Themes is overwhelming and the results are usually underwhelming.

One of the major first decisions is choosing the right Theme.  If you choose the wrong Theme, making your website look good again with a new one takes a lot of time and effort.  The right Theme is GeneratePress.  It easily spans the gap between everyday WordPress users and Developers like me.  If you want your Website to have the same header, logo, footer, etc so that it has a branded look and feel, GeneratePress does that with ease.  If you buy GP Premium you also get lots of options on a per page basis.  However, if you are like me and want to push everything to the extreme, GeneratePress helps you do that, too!

I don't want to just tell you about the power and beauty of GeneratePress, I want to show you.  I want you to feel it, to touch it, and to experience it.  I want you to start imagining the possibilities.  They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words", but I say, "A Website Demo shouts a million words to your eyes, to your brain, and to your heart." How did she do that?  I will show you how!

And that is just the beginning!

I want to share with you all the fabulous plugins I have discovered.  I want to tell you how they can best fit into your website and into your online presence.  I want to provide reviews of the best plugins I have found and use.

I want to share with you some tactics that will help you to become a Power Userthe type of user you have always known you were destined to be!

I want to share with you some code.  A lot of the code I will provide is for people who are new to WordPress.  I will not limit my tips and tricks to just Developers!  You can leverage them too!

When you are able to help change the paradigm of the Internet, it is an opportunity you just can not resist.  That's why I created this Website.  I wanted to stretch your Imagination and exercise your Mind, and in the process I ended up doing the same for myself.  It's been a phenomenal journey I very much enjoyed!  It both allowed me and forced me to think way outside the box.  I can help you do that too!