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Ramona Eid presenting demo at Women Who Code in Denver, CO title The Cool Things I Do With JavaScript...And They Pay Me For It.
The Cool Things I Do With JavaScript…And They Pay Me For It

This was a Demo I presented to a Denver meeting of Women Who Code.  The title of my presentation was: The Cool Things I Do With JavaScript…And They Pay Me For It!

The picture shows only the first row of a large room of women attendees.  We were all “logged” in to the same Website, and as I was working through the presentation, they were firing questions to me in real-time, similar to a Chat Session, but with a lot more people involved.  I purposely designed the Demo this way because I knew they would have questions as we worked through code and example Websites.  I wanted to answer those questions while we were on the specific piece of code that puzzled them so we didn’t have to try to wind our way back at the end.  It was extremely successful and very engaging for the audience.

This Demo is based on SignalR and the Website Application is called SnapChat.  To simulate a live session, open another Browser instance (or another Browser), paste http://snapchat.azurewebsites.net/ into the address bar, and you can chat with yourself.  It in order to get in, you must type a First Name.  Type two different first names, so you know which Browser is which (you are supposed to be two different people).  You need code for the middle text box so you can use the Pretty Print button.  Copy/Paste the code below, check the box for Line Numbers, and click the Pretty Print button.  Pretty Print is a Google Library, also written in JavaScript:

var stuff = "stuff";
var car = "Rolls Royce";
var person = "Ramona";
function what_are_her_prospects() {
    return person + " gets more " + stuff + " and buys a " + car;

Even though this Application is written in C# and .NET based implementing SignalR, the glue that holds it all together is JavaScript.  It is fascinating to see the generated JavaScript during a live session.  I was very pleased to be able to show them the real power of JavaScript.