My Irreverent Bio

It was written in C# using the .NET infrastructure, not WordPress.

WordPress Developer since August of 2015.

To be more precise, I first started trying to understand WordPress in August of 2015.

I like to say I have been on the Internet since dirt was invented.

I still have my original copy of Mosaic 1.0 on 3 1/2 inch floppy disk.

(Oh no!!  Did you just say, “What’s a floppy disk?”)

I sat down to a Unix box in 1993.

That was my first time on a computer, and I got to experience the Internet.

I was hooked!

So that is   years ago!  I purchased my first domain in 1994.

JavaScript Voodoo Priestess!

In that last paragraph, I wrote JavaScript to calculate the number of years.

The number will change again (like magic) on January 1st!  

You can find some of my code snippets and techniques here.

Big Gap!

There was a big gap in those   years on the Internet as a Developer (did you notice the magic again?).

I was fortunate enough to miss the entire angst of Windows XP because of that gap.

Saved some of my brain cells by doing that!

However, I was “on the NET” for the birth of the commercial Internet.

The way we had to do things back then was difficult, limited, not maintainable, and not scalable.

It was exciting because it was a new frontier!  However, it was just plain hard work.

Things have gotten so much better over the years!


I am also known as QueenOfTheWorkaround!  This page is an example of that ability.

You can read more about it in my Blog Post titled Random Video Backgrounds.

I have blog posts about all types of code snippets, techniques, GeneratePress, and various other topics of the day.

Okay, enough about me.

Let’s talk about you!  Got a minute?