WordPress Random Video Backgrounds

Have you ever thought about how to create random video backgrounds in WordPress?  Well me too! Especially since I started playing with the GP Premium Elements Header blocks from GeneratePress.  This block can be purchased as part of the GP Premium Package from GeneratePress.  Click on the link to read about the wonderful capabilities of this … Read more

GenerateBlocks Will Rock Your WordPress Block Editor

Frustrated with WordPress Page Builders?! Your frustrations are over! Prior to the release of GenerateBlocks Pro Plugin, page builders, like Elementor, filled the two main missing gaps in the new WordPress Block Editor paradigm: Media Queries and the Box Model. A Media Query asks the question how wide is the browser’s window, which is the … Read more

Please Meet Chrome Developer Tools!

In reference to: Aurora WordPress Meetup – April 5, 2017 In this session of the Aurora WordPress Meetup, I briefly introduced you to Chrome Developer Tools.  Let me begin by saying that Chrome has won the Browser Wars!  Chrome not only updates unaided and unobtrusively, but Google absolutely gets it in helping Webmasters and Developers make … Read more

IoT will Fail Without More Women in STEM

The IoT (Internet Of Things) paradigm will undoubtedly fail without more women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  That statement holds true if we don’t recruit more women into the Technology sector of STEM, at the very least.  Where is my proof, you ask?  Good question.  I know that I should rely on statistical evidence, … Read more

How to WordPress localhost in Windows

WampServer Localhost

My journey as a Developer started with Microsoft products and the Windows operating system.  You can see my skill set on my Bio Page, and more about me at About.  To this day, I don’t own a Mac.  Therefore, when I was hired into the world of WordPress in August 2015, I had no choice … Read more

Should I Use A Child Theme in WordPress – No Question!

A Child Theme is the recommended way to modify a theme in WordPress.  By using a Child Theme, the parent theme is able to freely update without overwriting your changes.  Updates in WordPress are critical for not only bug fixes and feature enhancements, they often address security issues and breaking changes to the WordPress core.  You … Read more