Show Notes

Aurora WordPress welcomes ALL WordPress skill levels!

Merry Christmas from my niece Emily Dalziel and Jacob Terp! Enjoy!

We are here to help!   No one was BORN with a WordPress skill set!   Everyone starts from the beginning in the learning path. No matter where you are in your journey with WordPress, your questions are valuable to us!

Because life gets in the way, I realize that not everyone is able to attend every Meetup.  In the spirit of trying to help, I will attempt to conceptualize what we discuss at out Meetups.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions, and click here to post those suggestions on the Meetup.  After all, it is your Meetup.

I have listed here the Show Notes that summarize the various topics that we discussed at our Meetups:

  1. Best WordPress Theme: GeneratePress
  2. Best WordPress Plugin: GenerateBlocks
  3. Best WordPress Hosting: SiteGround
  4. Best Media Library Manager: WP Media Folder

May your WordPress always load quickly, and the way you thought it was going to load!  If not, you need to let us help you troubleshoot the problem!

When everything works as planned, and renders as anticipated, WordPress is truly a wonderful platform!