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How to use Generate Sections from the GP Premium Plugin.

This page could not have been easier to set up.

There is a video in the GeneratePress Knowledge Base section of their Website to help you understand all of the steps.

You just need to make sure that your Generate Sections is Activated before you can use it.

You can choose to enable Sections on a per-page basis by using sliding the button “Use Sections” to the on position.

If you later disable “Use Sections” on the page, all of the content is still available in the default WordPress Editor.

I am using the built in Column capabilities of GeneratePress which includes the Unsemantic Library.

There is a thorough explanation of this lightweight library and code examples to get you started.

Section with parallax background!

The secret to the parallax section above is:

  1. Play around with increasing/decreasing the Bottom Padding from the Settings in Edit Section.
  2. There is a filter you can add to your functions.php file in you Child Theme.  The default speed is 6, and the lower the number, the more pronounced the parallax effect becomes.  I use return 3 for this specific page.  I am sure it would also depend upon the picture being used.
  3. add_filter( 'generate_sections_parallax_speed','generate_custom_parallax_speed' );
    function generate_custom_parallax_speed()
      return 6;

There are a lot of variables that can be set per section:




You can even set Custom Classes per section so that you can manipulate them either with CSS in style.css in your Child Theme, or use JavaScript.  I have barely scratched the surface here.  Check this page at a later date as I uncover  and reveal some hidden gems in using Generate Sections from GeneratePress.